Want to generate interest in your home even before it goes up for sale?

The “Coming Soon” sign is a fantastic way to grab the attention of a large number of potential homebuyers for your home.   This teaser piques public interest and allows time for more buyers to learn about your property before it becomes officially available for sale.

Exposing a home to the general public is key to obtaining the maximum price for a home.

Currently, we’re seeing a scarcity of inventory making it more of a seller’s market.    Letting as many potential homebuyers know about a property before the listing becomes active can be extremely advantageous for the seller.   More interested buyers often translate into a quicker sale at a better price.
Don’t be tempted, however, by offers prior to the home being shown to the general public.  We know how attractive it would be to not have to keep your home perpetually clean and uncluttered, or to not have to pack up the the kids at short notice for showings.  But accepting an offer before public exposure can be a costly mistake. 
We’ve seen this happen way too many times.  Some listing agents allow only their own buyers, sign calls and other agents within their office to view the listing prior to everyone else.  In some cases, these homes are sold without ever coming on the market, a move that can cost the seller thousands of dollars in unrealized profit.
By way of example, we sold 150 Jasmine in Crestmoor in 2011. The house was listed at $619,000.  We placed a “Coming Soon” sign on the property, but didn’t allow advance showings.   Every buyer, including buyers we represented, was given the opportunity to view the house at the same time.  My buyers did not have priority over any others.  The first day on the market, we received four contracts – one from my buyer and three from other agents.  My buyer did not have the winning contract, although she did offer full price.  The winning offer was a cash contract for $650,000, closing in two weeks.  Had we simply sold the home to our buyer, without giving it the proper presentation to the public, our seller never would have reaped $31,000 over asking price.

Not exposing the home to the general public does a great disservice to homesellers, especially in today’s sellers market.  A seller should always insist that all parties have equal opportunity to view the home before accepting offers.   Only in this way can the true market value of the home be revealed. 


We wish to thank you for the great service you provided for us. We were in good hands from the start of our search. You are truly professional in every way. We have bought and sold many homes over the years. Though we have had good luck in this regard not one of those measure up to the truly great service we received from you. You are knowledgeable, client centered, you never rushed us to a decision and you provided all the help, guidance and support anyone could want in the search for a home. Of course, we will recommend you and Denice to anyone who is in the market but beyond that we will remain grateful, everyday, as we enjoy our beautiful new home.

Richard & Selma

I appreciate you both for holding my hand during the sale of my house, both through the home improvement phase and the sale process. I had 100% confidence and comfort knowing you two would take care of the transaction.

Harry Chin

Denice & Stephanie have the goods, experience and knowledge....and they are fun! This is our second move with them and what troopers they are!

Bob & Toby Bowlby

True to your slogan, you and Stephanie did a terrific job selling our house on 6th avenue. We knew that our property was a challenge, but we didn’t appreciate how involved the sale would be. Your recommendations, guidance and negotiating skills got us to a successful closing. There is no substitute for experience when a transaction gets complicated. We would recommend your services to anyone selling a house. Thank you again for a job well done.

Bill & Sheilagh Hudon

Denice Reich was totally dedicated to our best interest. She was completely knowledgeable of the market in our area and advised us on how to prepare our home to obtain top dollar. She was always available – seven days a week. She’s simply the best.

Virgil and Margie

With her experience, hard work and expert knowledge of Crestmoor, Hilltop, Monclair neighborhoods, Denice found a buyer for our house in a very slow market. She then found us the perfect replacement home in the same neighborhood. We were impressed with her perseverance in finding a buyer, her patience in helping us find the right new house, and her knowledge of the market.

Steve and Kathleen

It was a pleasure to work with Denice and Stephanie regarding the sale of my father’s home. When I was first selecting a real estate agent to work with, another company actually suggested a higher asking price for the home. I chose to work with you because of your presentation, reasoning, and experience were so compelling. I am glad I listened to you and followed your advice. I have never experienced a smoother, more efficient process of selling a house. I believe that we were offered more than the asking price for the house due to your planning and management of the process. Thank you so much from both my father and me. I will certainly recommend you to others in the future.

Ann Fleming

Thank you Denice and Stephanie for all of your work on selling our home and with our new house purchase. We are very excited to get into our new place, and appreciate all of your work, advice and expertise in helping make our move possible.

Greg, Becky and Mae